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Andrea Naspi was born in Loreto (Italy) the 1st March 1979. At the age of 5 years old received from Santa Claus his first instrument, very similar to an accordion called “clavietta”...

He had a lot of fun playing and his father after 1 year would like to insert him in a course of Piano...
Fortunately after 5 years he started to play accordion.

After the first years he started to study classical music with Alessandro Mugnoz and after he tried also to insert the accordion into the pop music. In 1996 following this experience he discovered the original classic music for accordion helped by a very good teacher, accordionist and concert performer: Cesare Chiacchiaretta.

He discovered a new music world: “the accordion has never played in this way before”- Andrea said!

After two years he started to play accordion in a dance-orchestra making many exhibition in his region until 2001.

In 2000 he made his first graduation in accordion at the Conservatory “G. B. Pergolesi” in Fermo and after he started to play as soloist in different contests in Italy.


In 2010 he made the 2nd graduation in accordion at the Conservatory “Tito Schipa” in Lecce. He made one course of study with Sergio Scappini, a very famous Italian player and in 2004 he frequented a workshop in Montreaux (Switzerland) with Peter Soave, a famous jazz American accordion player.

This experience was very interesting for him and he entered in the magic world of Jazz starting to play Standard Jazz compositions.

During the years he engaged to the following competitions winning the following prizes:
1st Prize at the International Accordion Competition - Capistrello (2002)
2nd Prize at the International Competition “Gorni Kramer”–Poggio Rusco(MN) (2002)
3rd Prize “ADAMO VOLPI” at the Competition “Città di Loreto (AN)” (2002)

In 2003 he played during a fantastic tournée in South Germany (South Bavaria): it was his first demo-tournée and people appreciated very much the talent of this young boy!

In Tokyo he performed during the International Accordion Festival in 2005. He received many compliments from the audience. In the same year he had also a small tournée in Japan playing in the cities Narita and Hamamatsu.

In 2007 he had a very good and interesting experience-tournée in Australia (Perth, West Australia and Adelaide, South Australia).
Especially in Adelaide he made a very good performance during the Italian Carnival Festival: many Australian people were happy to listen his art, especially audience said:“Andrea Naspi was very kind to play us melodies, songs and music of different style...”

“...this young accordion player but expert and multifaceted helped us to appreciate and discover this fantastic instrument...”

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